Gamer within…?

Wanted to start a personal blog from long time with my own domain. Searched for a domain with my name, they were already gone. I checked with my gaming name ‘Agnilam’ it was still available. Not sure it is OK to combine my real identity with this. I think it is better to go as ‘Agnilam’ and not relate to my real name here. I am a technical guy and If I write what I do here, I have to expose my identity. But unluckily I couldn’t find a life rather than technical me. So there will be some technical things and lot of non technical things in this blog. I will reveal my real identity in some time (not right now). But there are hints all over this blog to catch me. People who knows me personally will know it from the first few looks.

Hope I will be able to write something nice here. Currently I do 3 blogs with my real name and one is about my university life and what I learn there (mostly technical). That will end in one more year. Other one is dedicated to nice stuff I find in the INTERNET (mostly technical). And the 3rd one is about my internship (mostly technical) which will end in this month. So 2 blogs are closing in and I will be writing the remaining one with my real name and this one with my gaming name. This blog hope to be there till I die, So I will write about my future projects and My workplace once I started working. And more and more non technical things. But I am thinking do I really have a non-tech life in me? I couldn’t find that life. So need to start with something new that will bring some non technical things into my life.

Half of my day is spent in where I am doing my internship and other half spent for gaming. Guys who are playing AOE Online in the Athens server might have seen me in the general chat. As I am going with my gaming name I thought of using “Gamer within” as my tag line. But it seems to be too short so I added 3 dots at the end. But thinking of my self I am not a skilled gamer. Just playing the AOE games form 2004. Even I have played it for all these years but I am not skilled as others in the server. But I have a skill of identifying weak points of the computer AI. So I am good against AIs but not that against real players. So problem came in to my mind asking “Really, do I have a gamer inside?” I am not sure. So I decided to put a ‘?’ after the tag line. Currently it is “Gamer within …?”. After all I am writing this with my gamer name and I will write about what I am playing these days. I really like building AIs and currently working on a AI to play 304 card game. Previously I wrote a AI to play a tank game and I lost the match (to one of my best friends).

This is really a shit I cant write 100 words without mentioning something technical. So I have find some non-tech interests quickly. Any suggestions? See you with my next post.

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