A way to play “A new pharaoh’s Challenge” in a easy way!!! 6

How to play A new pharaoh's Challenge (For slow Players) without rushing

How to play A new pharaoh’s Challenge (For slow Players) without rushing

I saw this video of “How to play pharaoh’s Challenge” in several months back. As I have told you I am not that good in game plying, what happened to me was when I finished capturing 4-5 villages RED start to take them back. When I played co-op with others players I saw the same issue with them.

Once I found this new way of plying it, for me that was obvious, Building something make it harder to recapture. So I started building walls around the small islands. Once I explained this method to one of my friends, it seems to be very useful for him. So I captured it for the benefit of all. I will play this using Babylons. This work with any kind of advisory cards and almost all the level 40 gear.

The Way (Find the video below)

  1. Put 3 villagers on Building 2 barracks, 2 on building the dock, and after building the barracks use one of them to build 6 houses. After finish working put 2 of them to collect material that you need to build walls. And to collect other material that you need to make spearman.
  2. Create 3 merchant transports and in two of the going to capture the villages and one extra (which is going to be used to for recapturing the first RED island).  Each transport boat will be filled with 2 villagers and 10 spearman.
  3. After capturing a village build some walls here and there (I build it around the obelisks). We will leave the villager to build it and will proceed to the next island. as we have 2 villagers we can capture 3 island with one boat. In two of them there will be walls and in the last one we will keep the spearman, which make it impossible to recapture any of them. With 2 boats you can complete the 6 villages. But if you need the result to be 6-0 you can use the 3rd transport to recapture RED islands. In 3rd transport I only use spearman (16 of them)


  1. Direct transport to the same directions as I do
  2. If you have adviser Bes, it will be useful.
  3. Try to get 6-0 for better loot (just what I think)


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  1. Reply amalP Dec 18,2012 10:56 am

    WOW nice Strategy.

  2. Reply Strovisky Dec 18,2012 3:44 pm

    God job Agnilam!!!

  3. Reply alpha78 Dec 18,2012 10:25 pm

    marked this. please try more! looking for more strategies.

  4. Reply FlibeIllessix Feb 9,2013 4:56 pm

    This honestly answered my difficulty, thank you!

  5. Reply Lolly Mar 6,2013 4:43 pm

    Great blog post thanks for posting

  6. Reply Lakendra Apr 13,2013 8:48 am

    I came to your “A way to play” it worked!

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