Turning in 4 “golden ticket” quests with a one “golden ticket”

I was playing CO-OP with one of my friends. And I got a “golden ticket”. Even though it gives nothing (only some uncommon and rare stuff) I thought of completing the “golden ticket” quests. As I went to the home city I got to see something unusual. There was 2 quests shown as completed (Golden ticket-rare & Golden ticket-uncommon) as usual and there was 2 other quests same as the above 2, yet to accept. I accepted those and It showed as 4 quests are complete as shown in the following screenshot.

This was very strange and I couldn’t reproduce this again. But I got 12 treasure chests on that day from a single golden ticket. Don’t need to mention everything I got from there was crap. Below is the video of me turning them in (completing the quests) if you don’t believe me.

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