League of Legends (LoL) – IamAgnilam 2

This is my new go. After my stay with AOE online I thought of plying a LoL. I couldn’t pic ‘Agnilam’ as my summoner name and I went with ‘IamAgnilam’ which is true. There were lot of champions and this gaming structure is new to me. Most of the gamers have played WoW but not me. I am very new to RTS games.

Actually online gaming is very new to me and Sri Lanka, in several years back we didn’t had internet and ‘online only’ simply means ‘cannot play’ with the improved internet facilities, there is a improvement in numbers. Coming back to the old topic, I choose Garen as my champ due to 3 reasons.

1. I am not a player who will shoot arrows from far away. I want to fight face to face and it requires health.

2. I got only 450IP

3. I am very familiar with his death dance with sword. (Form the x-men wolverine)

This is a bit old game game but it is fun and great. And most importantly this need very low system requirements. I thinking of writing 2 articles in the future and one will be on my champ – Garen and other will be on the internet gaming in Sri Lanka.


2 thoughts on “League of Legends (LoL) – IamAgnilam

  1. Reply Seo Jun 13,2013 11:16 pm

    Can i add you as a friend?

    • Reply admin Jul 14,2013 2:14 pm

      Sure whats your server, but as you might know I am a university student and Don’t have lot of time to play this, I do play lot of pvps (not ranked) in EUW in weekends:) ! CU around! BTW, There are lot of good players (defa better than me) in SL if you need!

      NOTE: warning I am not a pro gamer! don’t expect me to play like a pro 😀 but most of the time I can guarantee a win for you if you are playing with me (if others team members don’t intentionally feeding, :()

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