Alien Spidy Review & How to Play Tips


I recently played this game and thought that I should write an article on this. First of all this game is not for me, I am a guy that don’t have lot of patients and don’t like to play the same stage again and again just to get a higher mark when it seems impossible. In short, this game is too difficult for me. You might love this game if you are looking for something challenging.

Alien Spidy puts players in the role of an alien spider named, you guessed it, Spidy. As the game opens, Spidy’s friend Virgi sets out on an exploratory mission to the planet Earth; however, Spidy quickly becomes concerned when he loses contact with her. Being the adventurous sort, Spidy decides to set out for Earth to save his friend. As he approaches the planet, his ship runs in to some technical difficulties. Crash landing on Earth, pieces of the ship are scattered across 70 levels in three unique areas. It is here players set out to find the missing parts of Spidy’s ship and save Virigi.



  • New design for run & jump games adding the Combo chains
  • Physical lows considered and feels great when you hit a good combo with running, webswinging, and jumping.
  • Lot of different Maps
  • Multiplayer modes with Own map creation features
  • Power-ups making this interesting (They let you rocket skyward, swim in underwater bubbles, and pull off other feats of enhanced dexterity.)


  • Too difficult, Even you did all perfectly you might not get all 5 starts (most of the time). Each area requires you earn a large number of stars to move on to the next zone–but since it’s so difficult to meet the outrageous score requirements, you’ll find yourself stuck repeating the same frustratingly difficult stages.
  • You might have to play one level 1000 times to remember all details and score all 5 stars.
  • Game controls are not designed write for keyboard and mouse as well as joy pad
  • Can’t play for long you become frustrated with your progress
  • Harsh scoring system and the absurdly steep goals you have to hit before unlocking subsequent tiers of levels that really kill the experience

How to play tips

  1. First of all don’t try to get all starts, just play for fun. Have fun with running, webswinging, and jumping. If you try to get those, you will realize you’ve just spent several hours replaying the same 60-second stage to the point where you’ve memorized every obstacle, jump, and danger in your path–yet you’ve still made no actual progress.
  2. Target 5 in a row combos and they will make a huge difference in your final score. Alien Spidy focuses on finding the perfect line and execution so replaying levels is inevitable, but when you make that no-death run the pay-off is satisfying.
  3. Try to be fast and don’t waste time on thinking how to play just let your hand play it with practice. Well Alien Spidy takes speed running, fleshes it out a bit, and presents platformer enthusiasts with a skill-based platformer designed to be played at high speed.
  4. Your mission is to guide Spidy through each obstacle-filled stage to collect glowing orbs, avoid danger, rack up a huge score, and hit the finish line as quickly as possible.
  5. Speed and accuracy are everything. Every second you delay, your score rolls back slightly, ticking down ominously even as you work to keep it building toward your goal.
  6. Your main ability to shoot strands of sticky web, slightest wavering in aim sends you to your doom. Unfortunately, the finicky aim controls don’t always line up to where you’re shooting, and it’s frustrating when you die over and over again as a result.


Alien Spidy’s environmental aesthetic, cute characters, and charming music are alluring, but beneath those features is an unbalanced platforming adventure that can drive you mad. The controls are unreliable, and the difficulty spikes are incredibly harsh–especially when mixed the the game’s environments, which can often become muddled as you try to discern interactive object with pretty set piece. Alien Spidy may scratch the platforming itch for some challenge seekers, but if you’re looking for a game that can do tight platforming and precision, that’s something a Spidy can’t.

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