How to find the game lag before going into the game (mainly in League of Legends view) 6

Several players asked about the $subject from me. Because some time lag is too high, you cannot play. You only get to know that from the starting (loading screen). There is a way to find it before you start play for windows users (there must be a way in other operating systems but I am not familiar with them)

This is done with the help of “Resource monitor”

  1. Open Resource monitor (go to start menu> type “Resource monitor”)
  2. Go to the TCP tab
  3. Find the connections to the game server IP (Find IPs from this page)
  4. You have found the lag


In above picture you can see there are 3 active connections from the client. Only 2 of them are connected to the server (for me NA server- From them (there can be more than two) take the minimum latency (there can be connections not to game server but to other IPs, ignore them). Now you have a rough estimate what will be your ping (lag).

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  1. Reply Hope19 May 7,2013 9:51 am

    Ever since the freljord patch every game my ping will start at around 85-95, which is normal for me, but at exactly 2 minutes my ping will start rising. It ends up sitting at around 300-600 ping but the highest spikes I’ve had have been around 3k ping, which is basically a 6-7 sec second delay. This happens EVERY game, whether it’s a custom game with bots, an ARAM, a dominion game or a summoners rift. I’ve tried every map, but it always happens at around 2 minutes, or when I get in combat. I have basically stopped playing the game for the past 4 days because this issue has made the game unplayable. I feel guilty playing anything other than bot games by myself because I’m basically a liability to my team, and my ping will not allow me to CS or react to anything. The only fix I’ve found is to leave the game and reconnect, in which I’m granted about 30 seconds to a minute of low ping before it starts spiking again. Obviously, this is an impractical fix so the issue should be addressed.

    I know it’s often the case that high ping comes with new patches but that is usually induced by server strain. In my case, no one else in the game is lagging and I’ve played at very late hours to make sure it wasn’t simply the server’s being stressed by too many people playing. At first I tossed it up to my college’s internet having problems even though it’s usually perfect, but then I found a thread on the General Discussion forum with other people who have the same problem as me. I really hope a Red takes a look into what may be causing this, because this patch is really fun but a minority of us cannot enjoy it.

  2. Reply admin May 7,2013 9:57 am

    Ping can help you in finding the lag

    * Go to Start > Run and type cmd. You can also search for cmd.exe in the Windows Search function.
    * Press OK to launch Windows Command. This is the default command-line interface for Windows.
    * Type ping ‘server address’
    * Place -t at the end of the command to perform continuous testing.
    * To exit continuous testing, press Ctrl+C.
    * Place -n 20 at the end of the command to send 20 pings. Replace the number 20 with any value (the value will be limited to a 32-bit or 64-bit integer).
    * They should report a 0% loss.
    * Keep an eye on the response time, as it represents the connection’s latency between you and the server. Double digit values (such as 50ms, or lower) are very good. This varies drastically depending upon where the server is in relation to your computer. Generally, most connections should have latency less than a few hundred milliseconds. If there is no network connection, you will see the output “Request timed out” repeated.

  3. Reply Mayu Jun 10,2013 2:51 pm

    For all troubles, I really wish we’ll get a server in Asia (India, S Korea or China etc) to play LOL.

    THey’ve opened new servers even to Latin america, so lets hope that they’ll bring up a server in Asia too.

    • Reply admin Jul 14,2013 2:05 pm

      Ya! that will be great! playing with a ping around 20-30! But it will take some time to make ranked queues available. New oceanic server has 200-220 ping for Asia (Sri Lanka). And EUW has 150-170 ping!

  4. Reply xmpp Texting gamers Jul 1,2015 8:20 pm


    Address network issues first. Windows is in no way optimized to YOUR use case

  5. Reply gambit bit Jul 1,2015 8:24 pm

    Ping is NOT useful for latency in the context you have descibed.

    What protocol is ping?

    And what protocol is used by game?

    Describe the routes offered by server.

    This basic information is missing from advice. Impeached.

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