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I recently came across a site “League of Legends, Sri Lanka”. I did know that there is a small League of Legends community in Sri Lanka but I did not know that, there is even a web site(sllol.com) for it. It is so interesting and delightful to know that somebody (there was no place to find out admins of that site) is trying to build a lol community for real in Sri Lanka.

League of legends online tournament in Sri Lanka

I saw that they are planning to have a League of legends online tournament and some teams have registered for it. If you are a Sri Lankan Player, you might need for register for it. (Register for League of legends online tournament in Sri Lanka). According to what I saw in Gamer.lk deadline for registration is May 15th so better being quick. Following is a announcement on League of legends online tournament in Gamer.lk

Hey people, we have recently launched a gaming community dedicated only for Sri Lankan LoL players. This is all about arranging matches and tournaments between Sri Lankan LoL teams and solely for SL LoL community. We’ve also launched a website where you can register online, meet new players and arrange matches. Starting from registration everything is free plus we’re giving free RP for winning teams just to encourage playing and to attract new players in to LoL. If anyone’s interested you can go through our website and get an idea about what’s going on. –  Gamer.lk

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  1. Reply Mayu Jun 10,2013 2:44 pm

    I’ve been playing league of legends on EW and NA servers. But none of the places you specified are active to set up teams etc.

    Looking forward to meet more LOL players from Sri Lanka

    • Reply admin Jul 14,2013 2:07 pm

      I will be playing lot in EUW (agnilam), (still early levels) not much in NA (IamAgnilam), only “first win of the day”. If you need to find people there is a LOL fan page for sri lanka in facebook, there are lot of good players.

  2. Reply bukz May 10,2014 2:46 pm

    hey guys any one hav any idea hw to fix this massive lag in league.. i m using NA server… since may first it has a bad lag..i cant do anything to fix it..any idea?

    • Reply admin May 15,2014 10:37 am

      Seems like you are from Sri Lanka! If you are having lag in NA in past few days, I don’t think you have any issue on your side. Just wait till its fixed. I think problem is with the NA server itself (95% sure :D).

  3. Reply Anonymous Dec 6,2016 8:41 am

    mokakda sri lanka wala ta adala region eka

    • Reply Agnilam Dec 7,2016 4:34 am

      Sri Lankan Gamers are there in several servers


      However I recommend EUW due to two main reason

        Have a lower ping/lag compared to other servers
        Have a large and great community

      If you take NA it has high ping. In OCE community is not mature like old servers.

      P.S. sinhalen comment karanna one nam kiyanna, aye sinhalen dannam

  4. Reply Anonymous Jan 12,2018 2:59 pm

    EUW da OCE da sl walata hodama ?

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