Joypad/gamepad/joystick Issues: Game controller not recognized by the game (PC games)


This is a typical issue that all PC gamers face when trying to play the game with a gamepad or any other game controller. If you are having one of following issues I this I have one good solution for all your problems. This assume that your game pad working perfectly with OS and recognized by your OS.

Common Problems:

  • My gamepad works and but not with a specific game.
  • My game pad is not recognized by the game,
  • My game recognized the gamepad but doesn’t work within the game
  • My game pad work well in the game but my game doesn’t allow reassigning / changing controllers

If you have any of above problems, I ask you to try the solution. But if your problem is one of the below ones, this article will NOT solve your problem

  • My gamepad is broken (or part of it is broken)
  • My gamepad does not vibrate with the game
  • My Game pad is not recognized from the operating system (you might have to install drivers and check for connection issues like USB issues)
  • Etc.

Solution (JoyToKey) – 100% Working

I ran into above problems too many time especially when I tried to play an Xbox or Playstation game with PC. In addition, this problem is more significant when you are using a cheap controller without a brand and good drivers.

If you can play the game with the keyboard, the solution will be JoyToKey. This allows you to map keyboard strokes or mouse inputs based on joystick input so that the target application works as if you used a real keyboard or mouse.


JoytoKey interface


Support delayed input for a special function to switch profiles. If you want to keep JoyToKey running in background while you are playing a game with a native joystick support, the following trick may be useful.
1. When the game with native Joystick support becomes active, temporarily switch to a profile, which are empty
2. Nevertheless, it should have one button assigned for switching back to the original profile after being pressed for X seconds. This way, JoyToKey will not do anything while you are playing the game, but you can come back to the original profile by long pressing a special button.

Full description of the product can be found in official website:

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