Why each champion is banned (most possible reasons) – Part two

This is the second part of “why banned” series. If you have not gone through my first article, you can find it here. As I mentioned in my last article this is based on lot of factors that affect the banning.

  • When champion is a threat to a champion you pick (Go through counter picks for your champion)
  • When some champion is over powered (due to the buffs from the latest patch to the champion or one of his favorite items)
  • Due to some ability that the champion has

Here I am not going to talk about the first two points because above two point can change from game to game from time to time. Nevertheless, it is needed to understand that actually first two points contribute more towards the decision process. Today this article talks about why Vayne is banned, why Aatrox is banned, why Jarvan IV is banned, and why Blitzcrank is banned.

Vayne – Her W (Silver Bolts)

why Vayne is banned

Why Vayne is banned

Vane become very strong with maxed w, even without any items she can do a large true damage. At late game with attack speed, she becomes deadly and average Vayne can do huge damage (even 2 Vs. 1). She is doing 8% true damage per every 2 shots and this very effective against tanks. To get into a fight she can use her passive and her Q (Tumble). In addition, to escape she can use her E (Condemn) and Q (Tumble).  As you can see as all highly banned champions, Lee Sin has clear escape route.

Aatrox – His W and Passive

why aatrox is banned

why Aatrox is banned

Aatrox (and Zac) are famous for their second life. This ability to spawn again helps in team fights. On one hand other team can lose a kill due to his passive (his teammates get some time to get to him) , on the other hand he can do good amount of damage after spawning.

His W makes him really strong and viable in solo Q. Without his W, he is a squishy champion without any sustainability. W with this R (attack speed) can really do a huge amount of damage. His W gives him great sustain in the laning phase.

Jarvan IV – Ganking ability

why jarvan_iv is banned

Why jarvan IV is banned

As a jungler everyone expects from a champion is ability to do a successful gank. Jarvan has all the abilities that needed for a good gank. He can move to the wanted location with his Q and E. In addition, his W slows the target and his R can stop the target (even more than one target) from escaping.

Blitzcrank – Grab

why blitzcrank is banned

Why Blitzcrank is banned

I have seen team fights that changed their result just due to one good grab from blitz. A blitz who sucked the whole game can be a hero by grabbing the enemy ADC in a team fight. As you can see, it is important to grab the right player at right time to be effective. His Overdrive (W) and Power fist (E) can help in this grabbing process.

Lee Sin – Mobility

why lee-sin is banned

Why lee-sin is banned

As I explained under Jarvan IV, Lee sin is also a jungler. He is OP because of his mobility. His Q and W give him very deadly mobility that helps in cleaning the jungle and Ganking opponents. His E make sure that gank ends with a kill.

In Part 3 of this article expect more champions…

  • Vi
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Fizz
  • Ahri
  • Zac

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