High ping in EUW – League of Legends

lag_kills_gamers_bumper_sticker-ra8337f2c6c504a069194c052d9544f46_v9wht_8byvr_512In past few months there had been high lag in league of legends (LOL) EUW server. I was wondering whether this is my connection issue or server issue. Most of you guys might be thinking the same thing. Therefor I decided to put a short not on this issue. This is a problem with the server as mentioned in EUW forum. If you look into the EUW forum you can find more details about the problem. Even though they say that problem is fixed now, it is still there in a reduced form. I was getting a 150 ping in normal times and now it is around 200. There was times that ping went to over 300, but thanks to riot (or people who left EUW) now it has been reduced.

Don’t waste your time trying to fix your connection. If you are not sure about the connection, check the ping for NA or any other server. If those are also high you might have some problem with your connection

CU!! Try Teemo, he is the best in lag!!!

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