SLCG 2013 – Sri Lanka Cyber Games 2013

SLCG 2013 - Sri Lanka Cyber Games 2013

SLCG 2013 – Sri Lanka Cyber Games 2013

Sri Lanka Cyber Games, more commonly referred to as SLCG, is an annual gaming tournament organised by Gamer.LK. It was conceived in 2008 and was the first large scale gaming tournament held in Sri Lanka. With close to 500 gamers participating in the innaugural tournament, it has become the largest gaming tournament in Sri Lanka.

This can be marked as the Sri Lanka’s premier e-Sports championship and games festival, Sri Lanka Cyber Games 2013 held from October to November 2013, with regional qualifiers in Kandy and Colombo with the Grand Finals held at the BMICH. SLCG 2013 is moved beyond just a gaming tournament this year, with the celebration of gaming culture in the form of a games festival.

SLCG 2013 Grand Finals, organized by the team behind, took place at the BMICH (Hall C, to be exact) on the 13th, 14th and 15th of December, just after the Kandy regional qualifiers. It was undoubtedly the largest of its kind in Sri Lanka, drawing in close to 10,000 attendees over a three-day period.

Dr Mundo with a teemo hat maybe

Dr Mundo with a Teemo hat (maybe)

There was lot of games in the tournament like COD4, CounterStrike 1.6, Dota 2 and most importantly League of Legends. Team Plus fought Noob Alliance’s Troll Brothers to a narrow victory in League of Legends.

SLCG 2013 LOL winners

After all non of these photos are mine so thanks for people who took those wonderful pictures.

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