[New Game] Fieldrunners 2: How to Play, Cheats, Tips And Tricks

Fieldrunners 2

Fieldrunners 2

Tried a great tower defense game last month and it was great that I thought of writing an article on it. As any other tower defense game, this does have a theme. Here we are fighting against power hungry clones. Most interesting fact is that, there are other game modes rather than defending specific number of waves. As an example, there is a mission to kill 100 units within 1.5 minutes.


  1. A successful strategy in the trenches will be very different to that required on the more free-flowing maps where you have to build maze-structures to keep the enemy lingering just long enough to be obliterated.
  2. In the former, you are going to need to make sure that the radius of every turret is maximized so you get the most for your money, and ensure that turrets are not just restricted to firing at whatever approaches them.
  3. Any time you have a cluster of guns that are fully upgraded; it only makes sense to have a Glue Tower or two in there so that your weapons have the most chance to take out an enemy before they can make too much progress.
  4. The classic up-and-down walled route is perfect for the job, as it will make them walk up and down the screen multiple times before reaching the finishing line.
  5. What you are really trying to do here is make sure that the invading enemies take the longest route possible while also making sure you do not run out of cash.
  6. You need to unlock machine gun fast as possible; it will make life so easy. If you do not need to wait for coins, look in the cheats section.
  7. Casual may provide a great arcade experience, but we recommend playing on at least tough to get the most value out of your time and open up more exciting gameplay options. Saied that, coin rewards, more stars is awarded for completing missions on harder difficulty settings.
  8. This is because you probably won’t need to use any items (which cost money) on Tough, and you’ll be able to get further in the level, allowing you to defeat more enemies and get a higher score. Playing Time Trial maps on the Heroic difficulty setting is a quick, short term way to earn a good amount of coins. Endless Mode ramps up your difficulty level over time, regardless of your initial difficulty settings.
  9. Instead, try the Tough difficulty if you want a higher score, or play on Heroic if you want to maximize your score. -Unless you are a top tier player, playing on Tough (ie medium) tends to net more coins on average than playing on Heroic
  10. Combos are when you kill multiple fieldrunners with a single attack. Combos result in more points than you would normally get if you took out each enemy individually. Use towers that do AoE (area of effect) attacks in order to get combos.
  11. The Gas Tower is one of our favorite AoE towers. Buy it as soon as possible. It and the Pyro Tower are both super powerful AoE towers that will get you the biggest combos, highest scores and most coins. Some Other AoE Towers Include: Ice Tower, Missile Tower, Flamethrower, Hive Tower, Radiation Tower, Laser Tower and Nuke Tower.
  12. Place the Laser Tower at the end of this corridor, and it will fire an attack that blasts through every enemy in its path, getting huge combos.
  13. Make sure that only one tower is connected to the Power Tower, though, since its damage bonus is divided by however many towers are connected to it.
  14. Stack another Laser Tower behind the first tower to increase your chances of getting big combos.
  15. Power To The Towers: Attaching a Power Tower to an AoE tower will increase the amount of damage (and combos) the AoE tower does.
  16. Mass Destruction: Strategies that simultaneously use the Gas Tower, Pyro Tower and Ice Tower are devastatingly effective at getting combos.
  17. The Ice Tower is key for slowing enemies down and bunching them up while they get hit by the Gas Tower and Pyro Tower’s AoE attacks.
  18. This will keep the enemies in range of the AoE towers longer than if they were walking straight by, which gets you tons and tons of combos.
  19. Combo City: Place AoE towers near any area that enemies are running in loops around bridges, tunnels or your own towers.
    Get even more combos by adding slow towers to the area.
  20. Fun With Lasers: Laser Towers are generally underrated because they are cheap and relatively weak.
  21. Build your maze so that the enemies have to walk through narrow corridors that span the length of the map.
  22. Quickly upgrade them to level 3 in order to boost their damage to a more useful amount.
  23. Twist Of Fate (Grasslands 1): Playing this level on Endless is a simple way to earn a lot of coins.
  24. Home On Derange (Grasslands 4): Using Gas Towers and Pyro Towers to get combos in big, long levels like Home on Derange will get you about 500 coins each play. Spread these towers throughout the map and make sure that any time enemies loop around a bend they are hit by these tower’s AoE attacks.
  25. Bizarre Bazaar (Drylands 2): This is another big level where you can easily earn 500 coins. Loop enemies under and over the bridge in the middle of the map. Surround this bridge with Gas Towers and Pyro Towers in order to create a death trap that cranks out combos.

Cheats (How to cheat on coins)

  • You do not need too many cheats here. Too many chats will ruin the fun. Therefore, I will tell how to artificially get coins. Here you need cheat engine software. Install it and you will know how to do it. There is a YouTube video for it. Search Google if you cannot do it by your own. If you need any more instructions, comment below and I will tell how to do it.



  • Just as you would expect, this takes you back in time a little bit, undoing the last three turns you made. Very handy when you have laid down the wrong tower at just the wrong moment. Do not be afraid to use these when an unexpected fighting force appears either, as they’ll let you place superior towers on the battlefield without costing you money.

Deep Freeze

  • This is great for bringing everything, or rather everyone to a halt. Anything caught up in the radius of Deep Freeze will be pinned to the spot, and you should consider using these if you’ve struggled to build up a rear defense and have to keep the action centered around where your most awesome firepower is!

Smart Mine

  • These are very, very smart indeed! When you place one of these beauties on the map, anything caught up in the green blast radius will be obliterated instantly. Best used in the late game when the swarms are coming thick and fast, and the traditional firepower just won’t keep the enemy at bay.

Spanish Flu

  • The rather grim Spanish Flu is a contagious damage-over-time effect that spreads from unit to unit, gradually wearing them down and turning them into easy pickings for your artillery.


  • 25 unique, hand painted levels spanning 4 distinct zones across Fieldrunners Island
  • Over 20 weapons to choose from at the start of each level
  • Face waves of field runners that navigate the battlefield with unparalleled realistic swarming behavior
  • Multi-storied maps route enemies over bridges, under tunnels, and into trenches
  • Revolutionary “Hybrid Maps” combine the fun of designing mazes with the challenges of fixed path layouts
  • Sudden Death maps pit players against never ending hordes of enemies in an all new, action packed levels
  • Puzzle Maps are bonus levels that put players’ understanding of enemy behaviors to the test
  • Over 30 different enemy types, including elite enemy units with special attacks and rewards
  • Powerful items allow players to perform precision based attacks like never before

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