Is EA Games Joking? No resume in online game downloads? 2

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I recently started playing Battlefield play4free and Battlefield Heroes. Both are online FPS games. FPS not my area, I have not played them for years. What I am going to talk in this article has nothing to do with the FPS games.

I have a very slow internet connection. Even though it is enough for lot of online games, it is hard to do a big download with my connection. I started downloading Battlefield Heroes today morning and after 4 hours of downloading, I lost electricity. Router was reset and I tried to resume the download, and got to know that it is not possible.

EA is having serious usability issues in there end. I have listed some problems in the below list

  • We have to go to their site each time we need to play the game. They can simply get the login to the launcher and run the game with launcher exe
  • (I cannot believe this) Both of those games cannot be resumed if the download is interrupted in middle. In addition, these are not small downloads.

According to what I know, it is not that hard to make it possible to resume. I think they do not think about these sides of the free to play games. Is it because those are free to play or is it because EA games do not really care about the usability of their software?

2 thoughts on “Is EA Games Joking? No resume in online game downloads?

  1. Reply Anonymous Jul 31,2014 6:12 pm

    Yeah same happened to me with BFH, so annoying.

    • Reply admin Aug 10,2014 3:13 pm

      It should not be a hard thing to do as most of other games provide that option to resume the download (at least as files). They might be only targeting people with fast internet connections.

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