[Fix] Battlefield Play4Free: Keep getting kicked out of server

battlefield play4free

Hi, You must be a new user that is trying to get the first kill in the Battlefield Play4Free. When I started this game I got kicked-out from most of the servers. Mainly this happen due to several issues

  1. PunkBuster Kicking you out.
  2. High Ping issues
  3. Graphic Card/Memory is not enough

PunkBuster Kicking you out

Keep a close look when next time you are been kicked out, If the message says something like “kicked out by PunkBuster”. You are reading the right paragraph. This is a software that is required by the Battlefield Play4Free to make sure that no one cheats. If you have tried to hack or cheat the system, it might be the reason that you have been kicked out.

Second possible problem is that you have a outdated PunkBuster. You need to go to there site (PunkBuster Online) And there in a table it shows the latest version for each game. Download the one under Battlefield Play4Free and install it. you don’t have to do this if you have the same newest version. After installing it you have to run the setup and add Battlefield Play4Free under it. If you don’t know how to do it Google will help you.

High Ping issues

Lot of people get kicked from the servers due to high ping/lag. There can be thousand reasons for this issue and always there is a way to fix them. You can Try my Ping Reduce Check-list. There you will find everything that you need to know about ping issues. And you might need to use the resource monitor to identify bandwidth heavy programs that you need to close while playing the game. This Article has instructions on using the resource monitor to identify bandwidth heavy programs.

Graphic Card/Memory is not enough

If you are been kicked from the whole program (If the program exits). And if gives a error like “bp4f.exe stopped working” this is due to lack of graphic issues try lowering graphic quality in-game. Other than that it could be due to A display refresh rate of less than 60Hz or Corrupted Windows system files.

Hope this could help you!!



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