Battlefield Play4Free is “Pay to win”! I second it!

battlefield play4free

Lot of players told me that EA games are paid to win. Paying for premium stuff is not wrong. Some good things comes with a price. However, I do not like these pay to win games. So on which aspects, it is “pay to win”? Mainly with weapons,

  • You will have to play a lifetime to buy a weapon permanently (and for some weapons there is no option to buy with in game money)
  • You can hire them per day and it cost at least 5 games. That mean you have to play at least 5 games or you will not have money to buy it on next day
  • Even skills (skill points) can be bought by money

On my view it is OK to have premium content, but they have to balance the in-game currency and with real currency. Without this balance, it will be a hard for any new players out there. And this is not Free to play MMOG culture.

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