Immediate Reflection – Way of continuously improving your game play

Just finished playing a LOL game? What you do after playing a game can affect your game play. Most people think what you do pre-game and in game can affect your winning. However, there are some things, that you can do even after playing, that can improve your playing skills. Immediate Reflection is one of them. I call it a post-game skill.

What is Immediate Reflection?

Information is freshest after a critical fight. At this time, I encourage you to reflect on what you could have done better and what you did well. Instant analysis of play is great to do when you duo or play with your ranked team on Skype as you learn from discussion.

Sample Questions that you can ask yourself and from your team

  • Did you get enough minion kills, if not why?
  • Did you miss an ultimate? That is all it takes to lose a close game. What I can do to make sure that it does not miss?
  • Were you not paying attention to a cool down of a key enemy? You were unable to make a good play because the ability owned you.
  • Warding and ward cleaning?
  • Dragon and Baron Kills at right time always write down the times and decide if it is too early or too late.
  • Did you win your lane? If not why?


These are only samples, what I encourage is that you should always do a post analyze on your game play. Surly you will find one or two drawbacks that you can overcome. Try this, I worked for me.

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