[How to] Split-push For the Win (League of legends, Dota, Strife)

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Hi guys! I am here with another very important in game strategy that you should include in your arsenal. It is highly important that all team members know what is split pushing and when it should happen. If you do not know what it is, split push means one person pushing a different lane while his team group in another lane pushing and keeping it. Main target of the split pushing is to get a tower or two.

Basic of split pushing

  • Not all can split push; split pusher should be able to quickly take-down a tower. In addition, split pusher should have good escape capabilities.
  • Others in team should be intelligent enough to avoid a 5 vs. 4 team fight. However, they should give enough pressure in that lane to get the split pusher enough time.
  • It is great if the split pusher has an ability to join the group in a quick team fight. (Teleport, Shen’s Ult, etc.)
  • Split pushing should not be too obvious (Read next section).

How to split push

Continuing from the last point in the last section, Split pushing should not be too obvious. A obvious split push can result in killing split pusher, rest of the team or in worst case the whole team.

  1. Advise your team that you are going to split push
  2. Create a big minion wave and go out from that lane so enemy does not notice it. Let your minions push and wait for the right time.
  3. Ward! Ward! Ward! (so important) have at least 3-4 wards that gives protection to the lane and your escape path. As a single person can only use 3 wards, you need the help of the teammates here.
  4. Know when to stop pushing.

Good times to split-push

  • The enemy is doing Baron, you are bottom or middle, and you cannot arrive at Baron in time to steal or kill the enemy
  • The enemy is doing Dragon, you are top or middle, and you cannot arrive at Dragon in time to steal or kill the enemy
  • The enemy team-fight strength is too powerful and you need to scatter them.


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