[League of Legends][Influence Points] Fastest Ways to get IP


First, I must say that there are no illegal ways to get IP super-fast. Some think that there are IP generators that can set your IP to a high level instantly. All those IP generators are fake and there is possibility of you being hacked once tried. If you need more information about those fake generators read this article.

However, do not worry there are lot of legal ways to collect IP. I personally have 2 accounts in 2 servers and I have not spent a single rupee on this game. In NA I have all the champions that I need and one skin I brought from the 400 RP, which we get in level 3.

  1. The biggest tip for getting IP fast is winning a game once every 24 hours. You get an IP bonus of 150, which equals about 2 wins. If you can play and win a game each day, do it to get IP fast. Play against bots if you need to guarantee a win.
  2. Play more. Win or lose, you get IP for playing. In addition, always try to play normal games against human opponents. Because once you hit level 20, Vs bot games will give you very low IP amounts.
  3. Regularly use the Tribunal. The Tribunal is a system Riot set up to punish trolls and save innocent players. As a reward for reviewing each case, you get a small amount of IP if you correctly pardon or punish the player. Review each case properly to reach an accurate verdict. After a suitable number of summoners judge each case, you are emailed how many cases you judged correctly and your IP bonus.
  4. Refer friends to League of Legends then encourage them to play. Sign up here. then give them your link to register. You can always have some extra account under your name too ;). Said that, do not get your account banned for referral fraud.
  5. In addition, always remember playing LOL is time. You can spend that time on something else that can earn you few rupees and spend those to buy RP.
  6. Have friends that will likely to gift you something. I had several friends that gifted me several champions. Help younger players to learn LOL and they will likely to gift something in return. At least you will find a friend.

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