[League of Legends][Team Fights] How to pick the right fight

how to pick the right fight

Sometimes it is so easy to decide whether we should start a fight or not. However, most of the time it is hard to decide whether we should fight or not. It is not an easy decision, because it depends on so many parameters. I thought of writing this article because I have seen lot of low tear players picking the wrong fights and are blamed as a feeder. I have listed down the most important things in the below list.

  1.    Are u enough fed? If you and your team is enough fed, most of the time you can engage freely because most of the enemy players will have their own problems to deal with. In addition you will have a better level and higher gold amount.
  2.    “Is a prime target out of position?” This question follows the first because in some circumstances, even if you catch and nuke a squishy target, your whole team can die to four fed players. If only one person is fed and you can catch them out, initiate.
  3.    “How many players could enter the fight?” Always mindful of the jungler they can simply make an easy 1 v 1 a hard 1 v 2. Moreover, champions like twisted fate, shen can enter the fight with their ults. Players with teleport can come to the nearest ward , minion or tower. So make a note on the cooldowns of those abilities. Even champions like Karthus, soraka, etc. can make a difference with their global abilities.
  4.    “What team does the location favor?” Not every location favors a team. There are number of facts that you should check before starting a fight,

I.    Nearby friendly or enemy turrets
II.   Vision – You need good vision before decide anything
III. Narrow or open terrain – narrow terrain can help skill shots and might help champs who liks to dash across walls.
IV. Escape possibility – Always have a plan B

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