[League of legends][How to] Surviving Tower Dives / What to do when tower-dived

Surviving Tower Dives

Tower is the safest place to be when you are out of your base. However, what if enemy continuously kills you under your own tower? Tower diving has been as popular as people tend to put the guard down under their own tower. Tower dive can mean several things (Let us assume your enemy understand the game well and he has good reasons to tower dive).

  • You are low on health
  • Your enemy is so fed he can finish you in seconds
  • Enemy team members are close by and ready to dive
  • Etc.

Believe me tower dive from enemy team is the best point where you can change the game. Let us go step-by-step (starting from the moment before the tower dive)

Step 1: Ward

90% time tower dives are done in groups. Most of the time single player can handle another player with the help of the tower. Therefor dives happen in groups where one (a tank) takes the damage and someone else deal the damage. Warding can help you in predicting when they gonna dive

Step 2: Ask for assistance.

It can be from your jungler or nearby lane. You can ping asking for assistance. Someone with a heal or stun/slow can greatly helpful in this occasions. Always remember players with global presence and ask for their assistance.


  • GP, Soraka, Karthus (though long range abilities)
  • TF, Pantheon (Can teleport using their abilities)
  • Nocture (Can travel long distance with his Ult)
  • Team members with Teleport (Put a ward down, and ask to come)

Step 3: Stun – Slow – Avoid

This is the time to use all your skills to be there as long as you can. You should not run away from your turret if you do not have a clear escape mechanism (Even you have one try to be under the tower and get a kill). You should use and slows stuns and avoid enemy slows and stuns as long as you can. Use you flash and dashing abilities to survive. Most of the time tank will dive first and I normally stun the damage dealer and try to avoid damage from tank. Personally, I think trying fighting them out is a bad idea (Assuming they have an upper hand, which is why they are diving right?). I prefer moving and dashing and avoiding damage and doing whatever damage, I can while avoiding damage. Remember to use items that have debuffs and slows. You can use items like hourglass to protect yourself.

Avoid getting between the tower and a nearby wall, as you become an easy target for skill shots. Use your minions to dodge skill shots like Lee Sin’s Sonic Wave.

Step 4: Own the kill

Make sure you hit at least once so that you get the kill once the enemy dies. Do not let him get executed by the tower. Return to base before other members of the enemy team finds you.

Step 5: Late game is your enemy

In late game tower dives become more successful as damage done by the tower is not enough to make a difference. Here you might need to leave the tower if you cannot handle the situation all by yourself.

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