[Download] Download League of Legends Wallpapers and Windows 7 Theme 2015


Hi Guys! If you are planning for the 2015 preseason, Below set of wallpapers will help you to feel the heat of the upcoming preseason. Wallpaper bundle will include all new splashes from patch 18.9. Bundle will include following wallpapers: (Download from the links below)

Download wallpaper bundle

Download the windows 7 theme

Rengar_0 Zilean_0 Veigar_0 Udyr_0 Tristana_0 Talon_0 Singed_0 Shen_0 Shaco_0 Rumble_0 Rengar_0 MonkeyKing_0 Kayle_0 JarvanIV_0 Janna_0 Graves_0 Gragas_0 Ezreal_0 Blitzcrank_0











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