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how old are them

We all have been playing this game (lol) for many years and we are getting old. Our champions on the other hand do not get old. Have you ever wonder what their ages are? Even though we have given a lore, it does not provide clear indications about their ages. What I am trying today is to find their age. I will be using a learning AI “alchemy” for this purpose.

I will be using “AlchemyVision Face API” which automatically detect faces and identify people within images. “AlchemyVision” has the ability to identify the age and the gender of a person in a given photo. I will use their online demo app for this process. Garen was my first champion and I will start with him. I will be using most popular photos of the champions that we all have seen. I have used images with clear faces as the API use the face to infer their age. Below are the ages “AlchemyVision” suggested, what do you think about it? You can try on your own from this link.

How old is Garen? [35-44 Male]

how old is garen

How old is Taric? [18-24 Male]

How old is taric

How old is Darius? [55-64 Male]

how old is darius

How old is Jayce? [18-24 Male]

how old is Jayce

How old is Janna? [18-24 Female]

how old is janna

How old is Annie? [18-24 Female]

how old is annie

How old is Katarina? [18-24 Female]

how old is katarina

How old is Ahri? [18-24 Female]

how old is ahiri

How old is Graves? [35-44 Male]

how old is them

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    how-old . net

    No and then

  2. Reply Anonymous Jul 23,2020 8:50 am

    so, Now Knowing that Ahri can change her appearance with the world essence, ant that Taric Has The protector’s incarnation of Targon inside him, that Jayce Spent around ten Years “Fighting” Viktor after he had His PHD and that janna was living in runetera Before any human, How accurate Does this shit can be?

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