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I am a university Student who is following a Computer Science and Engineering degree. I am extremely interested in AI and really love to see AIs in action. I play lot of strategy games and appreciate how a computer plays that well with human opponents. I do nice little thing to see how AI works in such occasions. I play games but only for fun, I am not a highly skilled gamer.

I like to work in areas like Algorithms, Intelligent systems, Computer security, And Web technologies. But I will not write about anything like that in this blog (Actually I will write little about them too, say 75%). I Play BB and again not good at that too. I learned music for 5 years and still cant sing or play any instrument. I really don’t know what I am good at.

That was About ME. You can get to know me better by reading my posts. There will be posts on literary everything that is related to me.

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  1. Reply me Jan 13,2016 4:49 am

    how about mu online or mmorpg

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